Our Products & Projects

Shown here are some examples of products and services we have built over the last few years. Some are built for fun, some are consumer or business focused services and others are built for specific clients. You can also read more about our recent Apps produced for mobile devices.

Open Charge Map openchargemap.org

When charity Zero Carbon World put out a call to developers to develop an open database of electric vehicle charge points, Webprofusion contributed significant technical input to design and develop the backend database schema, web service API (Application Programming Interface), Web App (HTML5 + Mobile) and related content to get the project up and running. The aim of the project is to crowdsource, supply and curate quality charging location data for use in SatNav systems, mobile applications and online mapping services. Web API App Open Source

Certify - Free SSL Managercertify.webprofusion.com

A popular Open Source windows app to provide free SSL Certificates for Windows based web servers using the Lets Encrypt service. Certify provides a UI which hides the complexity of certificate request process and performs automatic certificate binding configuration. Web Open Source

Electric Car Buyer electriccarbuyer.com

Designed as a concise and informative consumer resource to compare electric car (EV) models and detailed specifications, Electric Car Buyer. The site includes a car feature comparison tool, technical details, news and videos for each car and embedded multimedia narratives on popular models. App

Soundshed.com - Musicians Classifieds soundshed.com

Soundshed.com is a popular and fully featured musicians wanted/available site. The site currently hosts thousands of listings and has proved extremely popular with it's target audience. Soundshed is now highly regarded as a musicians resource in the UK & US. Web API App

Guitar Toolkit

Our Guitar Toolkit app is a musicians reference for scales, arpeggios and chords on guitar, bass and other stringed/fretted instruments in a wide variety of instrument tunings. The app is available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Web. The app is of particular technical interest due to it's cross-platform nature - the app is written in C# (original ported from a Turbo Pascal project written in 1995!) and is transpiled to JavaScript for the Web, iOS and Android versions. App Web


Tablature is a popular windows store application for window 8 and higher which uses the songsterr service to provide thousands of guitar, bass and drum tablature scores in a modern UI. The app features Solo and Multitrack playback modes, individual track selection and favourites.


Ape Tools apetools.webprofusion.com

Any app developer will tell you that one of the most frustrating parts of developing an app is preparing it for multiple devices and marketplace listings. Ape Tools takes some of the pain out of this process by providing tools such as Icon and Splashscreen image bundling. Web


Fly your 3D drone through the minefield to deactivate the green mines, avoiding the red ones. 10 levels of instant gratification, see if you're awesome enough to complete the game in under 5 minutes! Available in the Windows Store, Apple App Store and Google Play Game

Global Exchange Trading System getsglobal.com

Over 2 years in development, GETS is one of the worlds most advanced 'barter' exchange trading systems with a fully featured marketplace and trade accounting. The system also features automated marketplace syndication between exchanges. Web API